Founder of the Omniological Society and
1st Professor of Omniology

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Joe Taylor is an artist by profession with credits in illustration, logo design, epic murals, and sculpture. This background in art has opened the doors to many museum fossil collections. Taylorís ability to restore and replicate fossil specimens accurately has made him invaluable to many public and private collections and this access to the inner sanctums to the heady world of paleontology has given Taylor a unique body of critical information. Though he does not have a degree in paleontology, Taylor has spent far more time working directly with fossil specimens, from all over the world, than many who have degrees in the field.
Taylor believes that what you know about a fossil is as important as the fossil itself. The combination of these two make the Mt. Blanco Fossil Museum and the 1st Institute of Omniology a rare and valuable experience.
His collection of information and fossils spans twenty years and is what has convinced him of his position of young earth creationism.
Many fellow collectors and fossil preparators are shocked to find out that Taylor believes that the earth is only six thousand years old and that most fossils, especially those of dinosaurs, were buried in the worldwide flood of Noah only four and a half thousand years ago.

Mt. Blanco Fossil Museum and the 1st Institute of Omniology is located in the center of Crosbyton Texas on highway 82, 32 miles east of Lubbock (home of Buddy Holly). You can reach us at: P.O. Box 559, 124 West Main, (806)-675-7777 or (800)-367-7454 Fax us at (806)-675-2421