Associate Professor in Anthropology, University of North Carolina, Greensboro

These images show a variety of foot impressions on a hard surface. The second to the right, at the top, shows the outline and impression of the foot. The combination of these two types of human "ichnites" are the primary impressions that have been found in the fossil record to date. There are no impressions of monkeys, apes or anything in between!

This book, FOOTPRINTS, By LOUISE M. ROBBINS Ph.D., is used as the preeminent field guide and hand book by all serious investigators of human ichnites in the fossil record. It is also used by law enforcement agencies as well. The criteria it provides is used to determine if a print is human or not. In fact, professor Robbins was requested by Mary Leakey to determine if the Laetoli footprints in Tanzania were something other than human.
They were not!

Professor Robbins standards have been used in the table below. This research paper conclusively shows that the tracks studied "in the Paluxy riverbed" are "human!"

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