The foundation of True Academic Freedom in our educational institutions is based on "unbiased education" not "biased indoctrination" of the student.

The position that an instructor, teacher or professor holds in our society is profoundly important, some would say, even sacred. This is due to the fact that an educator has the power to educate a student and teach them "how to think for themselves" OR indoctrinate a student and teach them "how they should think".

These two approaches to education determine the difference between a free and open society and a closed and controlled one. True Academic Freedom requires the former be used.

Sadly, these two approaches have become mixed in our educational institutions today. This is due to the fact that many of our current educators were the first to be indoctrinated into various forms of socialism and academic elitism, in the name of "higher education", since the early 60's.

This in no way is a criticism but simply a fact that presents a student today with the need to know their instructor's professional background, personal philosophical and religious beliefs in order to protect their own intellectual or "freethought" processes from any form of intentional or unintentional manipulations.

In our free society the student or "freethinker" has the "inalienable right" to control and modify their own points of view as they should choose. Educators also have this "inalienable right" to control and modify their own points of view and to share them with their students, BUT they do not have the right to require students to accept or adopt their points of view in the classroom!

Unfortunately, many educators and academic institutions do not believe in True Academic Freedom or the subordination of their own points of view, in order to protect the right of the student to form their own conclusions on any given subject.

The "STUDENT'S RIGHT TO KNOW" questionnaire is intended to give a student the basis for evaluating a teacher whom they have been put in the trust of and given the responsibility to educate, not indoctrinate, and prepare them for life in our free society.